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Company Accounts

You will need a capital contribution and a business account, depending on the legal form you choose. We will tell you what you need.


What is a capital contribution account and why do I need it?

You will need a capital contribution account (CCA) before constituting a company (GmbH/AG). You are required to transfer the initial capital (CHF 20’000 for a GmbH, CHF 100’000 for a AG) to this account, thereby proving that you have the necessary assets.

You can only access this capital and transfer it to a business account after the company has been entered in the commercial register.

The costs of a capital contribution account, as well as the processes for opening it, vary from bank to bank. We would be happy to find the right solution for you.

Do I need a separate business account as a sole proprietorship?

In principle, owners of a sole proprietorship do not need to open a separate business account. However, a separate account will simplify your accounting tremendously and reduce the workload, for example for an external accountant.

The costs of a business account are modest and usually also include a company credit card to simplify payments for your company.

Do you need support with your capital contribution and business accounts?

We will be happy to advise you and find the right banking partner for you.

  • Professionalism

  • Separation of private and company assets

  • Fast processing