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About us

Being a successful business owner depends on many factors. By going into business on their own, people take a personal risk for themselves, their family and any employees they may take on.

Our advisory services are designed to ensure the long-term success of people and their ventures, thereby contributing to the success of Switzerland as a place to do business.

The Foundera Team - We accompany you on your way to independence


Our mission statement


Companies supported by Foundera are more prosperous.


We support people when they found their company and beyond with our tailored, personal advice and our strong partner network.

We are convinced that companies are more successful when the founders can focus on their business and their strengths.

Our Team

Foundera’s team consists of people who have themselves already ventured into the world of self-employment, have extensive experience in the field of founding businesses and who are familiar first-hand with the challenges and opportunities of running a business.

Dario Morf, Managing Director Foundera AG

Dario Morf
Managing Director

Cyril Mugglin - Head of Products & Growth bei Foundera

Cyril Mugglin
Head of Product & Growth

Marco Good - Head of Marketing bei Foundera

Marco Good
Head of Marketing

Alhaji Mansaray - Consultant bei Foundera, Experte für Selbstständigkeit und Gründung.

Alhaji Mansaray

Sandra Litsois

Sandra Litsios
Senior Consultant

Uwe Scheunenmann

Uwe Scheunemann
Senior Consultant


Tim van der Linden

Andrea Kleiner - Mitglied des Verwaltungsrates bei Foundera

Andrea Kleiner
Member of the Board

Urs Häusler - Präsident des Verwaltungsrates bei Foundera.

Urs Häusler
Chairman of the Board

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