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Legal Support

As a customer of Foundera or Mobiliar, you are entitled to a free initial legal consultation to avoid pitfalls and potential problems.

Legal issues occupy during and beyond the start-up

You don't have your own legal department in your company (why should you, you've just founded your company), nor do you have a legal education and the corresponding know-how? Don't worry, most founders feel the same way you do.

Legal questions are particularly challenging during the course of your company's development and can cause great uncertainty time and again. These legal questions are not only about avoiding potential violations such as warning letters or product liability in the case of damage to consumers. They are also about the best possible exploitation and securing of entrepreneurial opportunities in the growth phase of your founded company.

All in all, founders often reach their limits when it comes to legal challenges. With Foundera, however, you are in the right place, because we can support you in the best possible way in this sensitive area. This is thanks to the initial legal information that you receive through Foundera and our partners. This way, you can clarify legal issues already in the company setup phase.

Being right with Foundera

For self-employed people and young companies, it is particularly important to have professional advice on legal matters such as general terms and conditions or employment contracts. Our consultants will help you with free initial legal information and can refer you to suitable partner companies for detailed concerns.

The Foundera offer is valid for:

  • All customers of Foundera up to 6 months after founding
  • Existing customers of Mobiliar


Our partner advises clients of Foundera or Mobiliar on legal issues related to the following topics:

  • Employment contract, order, work contract law
  • Data protection law
  • Tenancy law
  • Road traffic law
  • Leasing for business vehicles
  • Right of purchase
  • Telecommunications law
  • Freight and forwarding contracts
  • Loan law
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Information on dispute resolution

About Protekta

With over 300,000 customers, Protekta is the largest legal protection insurance company in Switzerland and has been part of the Mobiliar Group since 1989. For over 20 years, Protekta's experienced lawyers have been able to provide over 1 million pieces of legal information by telephone.

Protekta offers comprehensive and independent legal protection for private individuals and companies at an excellent price.


How can I take advantage of the free consultation?
Simply found your company with Foundera and we will connect you to the legal experts at Protekta. This gives you a safe start into your self-employment.
What is the best way to prepare for the interview with the legal experts?
It is best to write down all your questions in advance. Try to be as precise and concrete as possible.
Is my request confidential?
Yes. Our partner company Protekta treats all inquiries confidentially.

Need support with legal issues?

Benefit from free advice on various areas of law from our partner company Protekta.

  • Free of charge for Foundera customers

  • Advice from proven legal experts

  • Avoid problems before they arise