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We accompany you into self-employment

From the initial free consultation to a successful company.

How the founding process works at Foundera

We speak your language and advise you in German, Français, English, Português, Español, and Italiano.
Gather Information

You can find all key information on setting up your own business in our overview.

Book an initial consultation

The free initial consultation will assess your current circumstances and answer your questions – just ask!

Register your Company

We will immediately launch the process for you if you are ready to found your company after the initial consultation. Registration will take between 10 and 15 days, depending on the legal form you choose.

Your path to having your own business

At first, starting your own business is often overwhelming. That’s why we have summarised the most important steps for you.


The path to becoming a business owner is highly individual. But the challenges founders are facing are often similar.

Business Idea

Do you want to start your own business but don’t have the right idea? We’ll show you how to find it.

Market Analysis

Do you have a clear vision but you still don’t know exactly what the market looks like? We’ll help you.

Business Model

It’s worth analysing your business model in detail. You will always forget something if you don’t.


What exactly is your product or service and how does it make you stand out from the pack? We’ll help you find the answer.


How do you reach your target group easily and effectively? We’ll explain what you need to be aware of.

Financial Planning

The financial plan is one of your most important management tools and will help you identify financial risks at an early stage.

Legal Form

You need the right legal form before you can start your business. We’ll show you the differences.

Company Foundation

The final step is to found your company. Click here to find out what our process looks like in detail.

What our clients are saying about us

A team that’s awesome, dynamic and organised. Uncomplicated, goal-driven support and guidance. Starting a company with Foundera is very convenient and highly recommended.
Magdalena W.

Professional, expert advice and support throughout the entire foundation process. Seasoned people with real-world experience. I’m happy to recommend them :-)

Tony B.
Google Review

100% reliable, supportive from A to Z, and fair minded. I’d definitely use Foundera for my next business!

Igor R.
Igor R. von SOLEVENTS GmbH

Extremely professional, goal-driven and affordable. I’m happy to recommend the Foundera AG consulting team!

Vlad O.
Google Review

When I think of Foundera, the words uncomplicated, fast and professional are what come to mind. I’m happy to recommend Foundera to every founder.

René G.
fairsicherung Holding AG

A great team, both professionally and personally. I can highly recommend them.

Mario W.
Google Review

The straightforward foundation checklist as well as the fair price were the deciding factors for me to use Foundera for founding my company.

Alina S.
Belberg GmbH
Alina S. von Belberg GmbH


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