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Foundera – Founding made easy. 

You have to deal with the legal aspects of forming a company before you can really start your business and generate revenue. Depending on the amount of expected revenue, you must officially register a company or have it entered in the commercial register – we can help you do this.

Depending on the legal form and complexity, the whole process takes between two and four weeks. 

This is how you go about forming your company 

Step 1: Speak to Foundera (30 minutes) 

It doesn't matter whether you have already looked at the previous steps of the foundation journey in depth or would prefer to ask us a few questions in person: Simply book a free, no-obligation initial meeting with us – we’ll work with you to clarify the key questions and show you the next steps. 

Arrange an initial consultation now 

Step 2: Your personal quote 

If you are convinced after the initial consultation that you want to continue the foundation journey with us, we will send you an appropriate quote based on your requirements in the initial consultation. You will receive all the key information and can confirm and pay for the company formation in just a few clicks. 

Step 3: Optional advisory meeting 

We will hold further advisory meetings with you, depending on the complexity of your business proposition and your requirements. If you are establishing a sole proprietorship, you are entitled to one meeting, and you are entitled to two if you are forming a GmbH or AG. During this meeting we will discuss specific issues, such as your articles of association, any shareholders’ agreements or any offers you may wish to make to partners. 

Step 4: We will send the documents to you 

As soon as all important issues have been clarified, we will send you the necessary documents for you to sign. As soon as you have collected all the signatures and documents, you will send them back to us, or directly to the commercial register in the case of a sole proprietorship. Don’t worry: We’ll help you make sure that nothing gets forgotten. 

GmbH/AG – Step 5: Open the capital contribution account 

If you are forming a corporation (AG or GmbH) through (partial) cash contributions, you have to open a special account at a bank of your choice. Once the necessary initial capital has been paid in, you will receive a payment confirmation from your bank. We need the original confirmation from you. In this case, too, we are happy to support you and recommend a suitable bank. 

GmbH/AG – Step 6: Returning the formation documents  

You then return all signed formation documents with the certified signatures and, if applicable, the capital contribution payment confirmation from your bank to us. The checklist shows which additional documents must be enclosed, such as a passport or ID copy. 

GmbH/AG – Step 7: Notarisation (1-3 days) 

As soon as we have received all the documents from you, we send them to our notary for notarisation. As soon as this step has been completed, the notary delivers the documents to the appropriate commercial register office. 

Step 8: Entry in the commercial register (3-15 days) 

As soon as either you (in the case of a sole proprietorship) or the notary (in the case of a GmbH or AG) have sent the documents to the commercial register office, it can take up to 15 days until your company is entered in the commercial register. 

Step 9: Completion of your formation (1-2 days) 

You have officially formed your company when it is entered in the commercial register. Congratulations! We will tell you as soon as the entry in the commercial register has been carried out. At the end of the formation process, you will receive a certified extract from the commercial register directly from the office. 


At Foundera, we don’t abandon you after you’ve formed your company – it doesn’t matter whether you contact us directly with a question or we ask how you’re doing after a few months: We’re there for you!