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There is no right time to start your own company. However, there are issues that you should deal with and those that you have to deal with.

Important topics for setting up a business

Topics that are required:

In order for Foundera to be able to support you in founding your company, you should be prepared for the following points:

  • You have a business model
  • You have the necessary capital if you want to found a corporation (CHF 20,000 for a LLC, CHF 100,000 for an corporation)
If you are founding together with other people, you already have all the information and know who is entitled to which shares and role.
Ideally, you already know which legal form (sole proprietorship, GmbH or AG) you want. If you are unsure, we will discuss this point with you in the initial meeting. It is best to find out in advance about the possible legal forms and their advantages.

Once you have everything together, do the Foundera-Check and book an initial consultation with us. The initial consultation makes sense if you want to set up within the next four weeks.

Topics you should deal with:

  • Business idea Find out how you can come up with a viable business idea that stands out on the market and appeals to potential customers.

  • Market Get to know your market and gain valuable insights to increase your chances of success.
  • Offer Find out how to design your offer to successfully enter the market and attract customers.
  • Marketing Learn how to publicize your business through marketing and communicate effectively to reach your target audience.
  • Financial plan Use Foundera's financial plan as a valuable tool to analyse and plan your financial situation.

  • Get an overview of the different Legal forms and let us advise you on choosing the right legal form for your company.