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The business plan plays a crucial role for budding entrepreneurs. It enables you to analyse the current situation of your company and set goals based on this. You also plan and budget the steps that will lead your company to success. These planned goals and measures will determine your capital requirements and financing needs.

Process steps

1. Describe your company and your industry as well as the people behind your company.

Our innovative technology company, ABC LLC, develops and distributes intelligent household appliances in the electronics industry. With a highly qualified team of engineers, designers and marketing experts, we work to create innovative solutions for our customers' everyday lives.

Our award-winning products and strong network of partners and suppliers have established us as a leading company. Our aim is to offer our customers high-quality, innovative products that save them time and energy.

With our expertise and passion for technology, we strive to open up new markets and improve people's lives.

2. Analyse the current and future situation for your company. Identify your company's key strengths, weaknesses and unique selling points. Emphasise the opportunities, threats and challenges that your company will face in the future.

Our company, ABC LLC, is currently in a strong position on the market. Our strengths lie in a highly qualified team of engineers, designers and marketing experts who develop innovative solutions for our customers' everyday lives. We also have a strong network of partners and suppliers to provide high quality and reliable products.

Despite challenges such as the constant development in the electronics industry and the increasing demand for environmentally friendly solutions, we see many opportunities for our company, particularly in the growing market for smart household appliances and increasing digitalisation.

We are confident that we will be successful with our strengths, our network and our innovative power by continuously developing high-quality and innovative products that offer our customers added value.

3. Describe the current market and the customers of your company. List the customers per group and their share of total sales. The same applies to the market in 3 years' time.

Our company, ABC LLC, is a leading supplier of intelligent household appliances in the electronics industry. We have built up a loyal customer base with innovative products and are aiming to increase our market share over the next three years.

Through targeted marketing, a strong social media presence and strategic partnerships, we plan to expand our customer base and position ourselves as a leading provider. Our goal is to increase the share of households in our total sales to 50% and to win new customers with high-quality and innovative solutions.

4. Name customer references and describe why they are enthusiastic about your company. Explain measures for customer acquisition and brand awareness among your target customers. Describe your target group and the support you provide for customer acquisition.

Our company, ABC LLC, already has well-known customers from the electronics industry and convinced private customers who can serve as "good references". They are enthusiastic about the quality, innovation and added value of our products.

In order to acquire new customers in the future, we will expand our marketing strategy, carry out targeted advertising campaigns and work with influencers. We will also expand our strategic partnerships and cooperate with retailers to increase our reach. Our aim is to target not only private customers, but also companies and organisations.

Existing customers will help us to convince new customers of the benefits of our products. In addition, we will introduce a customer referral programme to encourage existing customers to recommend us to others. Overall, we are confident that these measures will enable us to acquire new customers and position our company successfully.

5. Describe planned infrastructure measures, investments and new acquisitions for the next 3 years. Set measurable and verifiable milestones with clear deadlines.

In order to achieve our goals, we have planned a comprehensive strategy for the development of our infrastructure. Over the next 3 years, we will make targeted investments and new acquisitions to ensure that we can meet our customers' requirements and continue to grow our company.

Firstly, we will invest in our production facilities to increase efficiency and capacity. By utilising the latest technology and machinery, we will be able to manufacture our products faster and more cost-effectively. This will not only enable us to better meet customer demand, but also strengthen our competitiveness on the market.

We are also planning to improve our warehouse and logistics infrastructure. By expanding our storage capacity and implementing an efficient logistics system, we can ensure that our products reach our customers on time and in perfect condition. This will lead to greater customer satisfaction and help us to further expand our market presence.

To ensure that all these planned measures are implemented effectively, we have set clear milestones with specific deadlines. We will carry out regular reviews to ensure that we are achieving our goals and can make adjustments if necessary. By making our targets measurable and verifiable, we will be able to continuously monitor the progress of our infrastructure planning and ensure that we are on the right track.

6. Explain how your company's turnover and costs have developed in recent years and what further plans you have for the future.

In recent years, ABC LLC has recorded impressive growth in sales and costs. Thanks to innovative products and a strong network, turnover has increased continuously. We have further expanded our position as a leading supplier in the electronics industry, while at the same time reducing production costs and increasing profitability.

We plan to continue this positive trend in the future by expanding our marketing strategies, extending our product range and continuing to invest in the further development of our employees. Our goal is to further increase our sales and control our costs in line with our growth in order to consolidate our position as a leading company in the electronics industry. We are confident that with our strong team and vision we will be successful.

7. Describe your company's capital requirements, the benefit to the financing partner and the collateral you can provide. Show how you will control your company's finances and liquidity in the future.

In order to achieve our ambitious goals and continue to be successful, we need funding of CHF X for the next three years. With our financing partner, we can benefit from the positive outlook of our company and offer adequate collateral for the financing. Through careful financial planning and effective control of our finances, we are confident that we will receive the funds we need to achieve our goals and continue to grow our business.