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What we offer

It doesn't matter whether you’re just starting out or already have a specific idea: 
we will support you on your journey! 



You tell us what your business is about and we will take care of the rest.



We provide you with personal advice – before, during and after founding.



We have a strong network of partners to make it easier for you to get started – you decide which partners you want.

Our foundation packages

We will identify the most suitable legal form for you in the initial free consultation.

Sole Proprietorship

CHF 150

Free initial consultation plus one advisory meeting

We will send you all the necessary documents already filled out

Four check-ups over the two years after foundation

Cash Foundation GmbH/AG

CHF 490

Free initial consultation plus two advisory meetings

All necessary documents and notarisation included

Four check-ups over the two years after foundation

Contribution in Kind GmbH / AG

Tailored Quote

The cost of founding the business will depend on a range of factors in the case of a foundation through contributions in kind. We will be happy to arrange a free initial consultation with you and prepare a tailored quote.

Everything you need to set up your own business

We can offer you everything you need when it comes to setting up your own business. The following selection gives you an overview of what you will have to consider:

Provision and Protection

Provision & Protection

Owning your own business often means financial insecurity. We show you how you can provide for the future and protect yourself.



Starting your own company with a sound accounting system will save you headaches in the long run. We’ll show you how to get started.

Company Accounts

You will need a capital contribution and a business account, depending on the legal form you choose. We will tell you what you need.
Legal Support

Legal Support

As a customer of Foundera or Mobiliar, you are entitled to a free initial legal consultation to avoid pitfalls and potential problems.

Alles, was du für deine Selbstständigkeit brauchst

Du findest bei uns alles rund um das Thema Selbstständigkeit. Die folgende Auswahl gibt dir einen Überblick, mit was du dich auseinandersetzen solltest:

Vorsorge & Absicherung

Vorsorge & Absicherung

Selbständigkeit bedeutet oft auch finanzielle Unsicherheit. Wie du für die Zukunft vorsorgen und dich absichern kannst, zeigen wir dir hier.



Das eigene Unternehmen mit einer sauberen Buchhaltung zu starten erspart dir langfristig viele Sorgen. Wie du damit richtig beginnst, zeigen wir dir hier.
Rechtliche Beratung

Rechtliche Beratung

Mit der kostenlosen juristischen Erstauskunft kannst du Stolperfallen und rechtliche Probleme vermeiden.


Je nach Rechtsform brauchst du zwingend ein Kapitaleinzahlungs- und ein Firmenkonto. Wir erklären dir, wann du was benötigst.

Our Consultants

Alhaji Mansaray

Alhaji Mansaray Berater Foundera

Consultant with more than 5 years’ experience in banking and auditing.

German, English, Creole

Sandra Litsios

Senior Consultant
Sandra Litsois

Consultant with over 15 years’ experience in advising and coaching people in the areas of self-employment and career change.

French, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

Uwe Scheunemann

Senior Consultant, CFP®
Uwe Scheunenmann

Consultant with more than 12 years’ financial planning and insurance experience.

German, English, Spanish, Portuguese


These are the questions we get asked most. Is your question not there? Drop us a line in the chat or simply arrange a free initial consultation

How can I reach Foundera?

You can reach us by phone (contact page) or in person via the initial consultation (top of the page).

Which legal form suits me best?

That depends entirely on your business proposition and your personal situation. We will find the right solution for you during the free initial consultation.

What will it cost me?

Our foundation packages include everything you need for your company – no hidden costs! The only fees that will be charged to you directly are the fees for the commercial register.

Do you have any questions?

The free initial consultation is the perfect start!

  • Establish where you stand with your project
  • Work out how we can help you
  • Recommendations for the next steps